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In this article, I have demonstrated the CRUD operations on MongoDB and performed the operations in both Synchronous and Asynchronous ways.

Basic knowledge of Node.js is appreciated.

NoSQL database used : MongoDB

Table of Contents:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting up MongoDB (NoSQL)
  3. Synchronous Vs Asynchronous Execution
  4. Creating a Schema, Model, Object
  5. CREATE (Synchronous)

For the purpose of obfuscation, we will be using a python package called pyarmor.

We might sometimes face a situation where we need to provide code directly to a client for obvious reasons, but by doing so, we will lose control of the code. In such cases, we might we…

Step by step instructions to bind OpenCV libraries with CUDA drivers to enable GPU processing on OpenCV codes.

By default, there is no need to enable OpenCV with CUDA for GPU processing, but during production, when you have heavy OpenCV manipulations to do on image/video files, we can make use of the OpenCV CUDA library to make those operations to run on GPU rather than CPU and it…

Recreating the oldest Neural Network Architecture.


I am starting a series of posts in medium covering most of the CNN architectures and implemented in PyTorch and TensorFlow. …

Machine Learning


On a lighter note, the embedding of a particular word (In Higher Dimension) is nothing but a vector representation of that word (In Lower Dimension). Where words with similar meaning Ex. “Joyful” and “Cheerful” and other closely related words like Ex. …

Deep Learning

Implementing rudimentary to advanced operations on deep learning’s fundamental units.

I am accustomed to creating new deep learning architectures for different problems, but which framework (Keras, Pytorch, TensorFlow) to choose is often harder.

Since there’s an uncertainty in it, it’s good to know the fundamental operations on those framework’s fundamental…

Computer Vision

Step by step instructions to train Yolo-v5 & do Inference(from ultralytics) to count the blood cells and localize them.

I vividly remember that I tried to do an object detection model to count the RBC, WBC, and platelets on microscopic blood-smeared images using Yolo v3-v4, but I couldn’t get as…

Hey Everyone, in this post we will be familiarising ourselves about using Git and GitHub.

Git — > Git is a version control system.

It allows you to record different versions of your project and also allows you to go back in time to check previous versions of your project.

Balakrishnakumar V

Machine and Deep Learning Engineer

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